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Lil Kesh is covered for this year. 2017 should be his focus right now.

One of the best parts about the Lil Kesh phenomenon, was the novelty of his music. The rapper was spawned from the legacy of Olamide, bringing another chapter to what is the book of indigenous rap music as we know it.

Shoki’ was a hit, ‘Gbese’ continued the dance culture, and so did all the other songs that led up to his album release in March 2015. “YAGI” LP has since been listened, analyzed, and dissected by critics and the public, receiving mixed reviews for what is a debut effort.

“Pulse Reviewed the album, scoring it a 3.5, with this: “Lil Kesh’s first effort is a win for him, and for the street life. Here is one of ghetto’s most loved exports, making it big with all the lessons learned from the hood. “Y.A.G.I” stands tall as one of the most relatable works from rappers. Unlike Olamide’s already-earned king status, Lil Kesh is on the rise, embodying the spirit and effort of many of his fans who are still hoping for a better tomorrow. He hustles, he fights, he loves, and he celebrates. In a nutshell, that’s what we are all about. We all hope to be young, old and still getting it.”

Lil Kesh Lil Kesh



From the slums of Bariga to the fast lane of performances, paparazzi, and fandom, Lil Kesh has been a man to take opportunities as they come. Working his socks off as a kid growing up in the hood, the rapper officially threw himself into music in 2012. Two years later he had hit the jackpot, with a song ‘Lyrically’, giving him his first industry break which led him to YBNL boss Olamide via his friend Viktoh.

With more funding for his project and the guidance from Olamide, the young man was able to get through to mainstream music. In 2014, he dropped the hit song ‘Shoki’, which was made popular as Nigeria got another rapper who powered through a beat with indigenous lyrics. He was young, he was fresh, and he had a dance to go with it.

This year, he is celebrating the release of his debut album, and the crowning jewel of his work so far. “Y.A.G.I” (Young And Getting It), which contains 19 tracks, runs for over an hour, and takes a listener through his full range of talents at the moment. He also has a collaboration with US rapper, Wale.

Lil Kesh Lil Kesh



Away from the musical significance, Lil Kesh, and his story stands tall as inspiration for many acts. His grass to grace tale shines forth, giving many forlorn and frustrated artistes a window of what could be if opportunity meets preparation.

That should be enough for 2016. The album is yet to achieve its peak marketing, and more songs off the project have the potential to be standalone singles. A good example is “IFSU”, which contains a dark production and amazing delivery that will catch on.

Lil Kesh Lil Kesh


But the rapper is out with a new single, ‘Kojo’, and has a new song with Young Jonn (‘Bend down select’.) Being proactive is the hallmark of great artiste, but 2016 already has an avalanche of content from the star. All he needs right now is focus on his performance art, and strategize for the next year. He still has to set up the structures at YAGI Records, and find a way to grow from a mushroom imprint, into a functional respectable giant. To maintain his freshness in the playlists, a number of his collaborations have been released. Those should serve him well, until next year.

Lil Kesh is covered for this year. 2017 should be his focus right now.

Published August 23rd, 2016

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