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TripleMG singer, Augustine Miles Kelechi, popularly known as Tekno Miles or Golden Boy of Africa, is the latest celebrity to add his voice to the case of domestic violence that seems to have taken center stage in Nigeria in recent times, with husbands either maiming or killing their wives.

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The Duro crooner has decided not to be silent on the issue as he took to his Instagram page to send a word to women in abusive relationships as well as warning fellow men against violence towards women.


Tekno Miles rises against domestic violence play

Tekno Miles rises against domestic violence (Instagram)

Tekno Miles rises against domestic violence

Photo Credit: Instagram

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In a message posted on his Instagram page, the 24-year-old Tekno shares the story of a female fan that was getting physically abused by her boyfriend because of his passion for her and advised ladies to get out of such relationships.

Published August 23rd, 2016

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