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Pleace Be careful if you see this Facbook user name “Mavin Records” added you Don’t accept this is Scam Facebook Page! And to call This number to collect mavins Records Form. If u see anything Like this Don’t Call is “SCAM

Public Announcement to all Fans of Mavin Records


Good Day Distinguish Ladies and Gentlemen Greetings to you from the MAVIN RECORDS

Are You Aware That SMD Records Are Searching For Young Talented Once in the MAVIN MUSIC INDUSTRY
These are the following below

1. Singing

2. Dancing

3. Modelling

4. Script Writing

5. Fashion Designer (Tailoring)

6. DJ

7. Stylist

8. Cosmetologist (Makeup Artist)

9. Producer

10. Rapping etc

If You Are Been Blessed in any of those Talent this is your opportunity of becoming a STAR By Showcasing your God Bless Talent on the next Upcoming Interview For Further useful Information on how to apply Contact these Numbers below

Contact Number:

WhatsApp Number

A. For Marketing and Production on Audio and Video For Invitation to Play in any of the following: Marriage Ceremony Get together Party (etc) Contact The Numbers below

B. For Training on the following below
1. Singing

2. DJ

3. Stylist

4. Dancing

Contact Number:

WhatsApp Number:


This is your opportunity for being signed into Mavin Records

NOTE: The Feeding, Accommodation and Transportation will be taking care by Mavin Records Label

If you have any body who is well talented In Music also get them informed
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Mavin Records.
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Published March 9th, 2017

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